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Disney's New Animated Movie Is What We’ve Waited 12 Years For

Disney’s upcoming movie Wish is reviving one of the animation studio’s earlier traditions, making it the project longtime fans have been waiting for.

  • Disney's upcoming movie Wish is bringing back the studio's tradition of 2D animation after a 12-year hiatus, offering viewers something fresh and different from their recent 3D releases.

  • The incorporation of both 2D and 3D animation in Wish allows Disney to blend their past and present, showcasing their creative evolution while staying relevant in the industry.

  • The new animation style in Wish breathes new life into Disney's movies, providing a welcome change from the familiarity of their recent 3D animated hits and potentially paving the way for more blended animation in future projects.

Disney's upcoming movie Wish is reviving one of the studio's animation traditions, making it the film that longtime fans have been waiting 12 years for. Slated to hit theaters this November, Wish is set in a kingdom where people's wishes can be granted — but only by King Magnifico, who's steadfastly against fulfilling the majority of his subjects' desires. The film's 17-year-old lead, Asha, is horrified to learn this when she becomes the king's apprentice. Bothered by this discovery, she makes a wish on a shooting star — and judging by her newly talking goat and the influx of living stars, this leads to chaos.

The trailer for Disney's Wish features a stunning song from Ariana DeBose, a comically villainous voice performance from Chris Pine, and plenty of whimsical sequences that promise a lush fantasy adventure. The film's animation has stirred up conversations online, and that's partly because Wish takes an approach that Disney fans haven't seen for a whopping 12 years.

Wish Is Disney's First Movie With 2D Animation Since Winnie the Pooh

The animation in Disney's Wish trailer may look a little off, and that's because the movie is the first Disney project to utilize 2D animation since 2011's Winnie the Pooh. To be clear, Wish isn't entirely made up of 2D animation like Winnie the Pooh. However, Disney's upcoming film combines 2D and 3D animation, offering something fresh for moviegoers, many of whom have grown accustomed to the studio's 3D offerings like Frozen, Moana, and Encanto.

The choice to incorporate 2D animation into Wish brings the film back to Disney's roots, as many of the Disney Renaissance era films are made up entirely of 2D imagery. By utilizing 3D animation as well, Wish blends Disney's past and present projects, offering viewers the best of both worlds. And while the new animation style may feel jarring at first, it's probably a good thing for Disney, especially if the studio wants to stay fresh and relevant among competitors like DreamWorks and Illumination.

Wish's Animation Style Is A Breath Of Fresh Of Air For Disney

Given that Disney hasn't incorporated 2D animation into any of its movies since 2011, Wish's style feels like a breath of fresh air. While Disney's 3D animation has spawned iconic hits, the animation associated with Frozen and other modern releases is starting to feel stale. Combining 2D and 3D allows Disney to experiment with an all-new animation style, changing things up and proving that the studio is still a creative leader in the industry. If Wish proves successful, Disney fans may see more blended animation in future projects. It could even become Disney's new approach.

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