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How We Teach

A hybrid approach to bring you the best of both online and offline education


Learn via

Online Tutorials


Student Care

from Live Classes


Unlimited Daily



Online Campus

+ Live Lectures


Mentoring + 

1:1 Tutoring 


Premium Content Online Tutorials

 24/7 Unlimited Viewing Access 

These are tutorials based on the hands on teachings from many different famous schools, carefully planned and made to teach exactly what's really important to become a 3D Animator that lands solid jobs. You can watch it anytime, anywhere on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone as much as you want when you want to. It's really made indetail, so you don't feel like the video is skimming across the topic, but instead shows you from A to Z how to learn and craft your skills from a beginner to an advanced 3D Animator.


Small Live Group Student Care

 It's like having a tutor cater to your needs 

This is not a class! Because we have tutorials already made for you to view 24/7, we don't waste your time teaching live online classes. Our teachers meet up weekly with our students in a small group online and ask each and every one of them how they are doing in terms of learning via the tutorials and working on their assignments helping them with any problems they might be having in detail keeping track and communicating to make sure each students education is on the right track. We also provide additional live lectures after answering all the questions that could help our students further understand the tutorials and work on their assignments as well.


Unlimited Daily Feedback

 We give you the comfort and reassurance of quality unlimited feedback every day 

Students are free to receive unlimited feedback in three different ways! This ensures that students can produce quality portfolios no matter their level of talent, which is the main reason Ani-Tribe is confident 99% of our graduates will land solid jobs anywhere in the world. ​


Online Campus + Study Groups + Live Free Lectures 

 This is an online community that really helps you learn, grow and get connected! 

Students have access to an online campus 24/7, 365 days a year! Inside, you'll find study groups, profile pages of all the students, teachers, and graduates being able to talk to them, message them, give and receive feedback and much much more. You will also have access to all the student work and feedback given to them, current and past, just like a library of unlimited knowledge in video or written form. We also host live online lectures twice a month, which are free for our students to attend, which gives an abundance of educational content because these special lectures are also recorded and added to the online campus resource library in addition to the tutorial videos.


Mentoring + 1:1 Tutoring + Career Student Care Service

 We built a system that works to get you a solid job wherever you live! 

For students who have finished our curriculum, we provide you with options to either receive mentoring and continuously get feedback to finish your demoreel or get 1:1 private tutoring from a working professional who has more than 5 years of experience in the field to help you polish your demoreel and get you that dream job! We also provide student care in terms of helping you write your resume and cover letter and giving you live mock interviews before you go into your actual job interview. We also provide you with current job information that will help you decide where and how to apply! This is why we are confident that 99% of our graduates will get solid jobs upon graduating from Ani-Tribe.

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