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Full Program
Tuition Fee at a glance:

Registration Fee (One Time Non - Refundable)

Duration: NA

USD $50

ANI 1 (The Basics of 3D Animation)

Duration: 1 Month

USD $500

ANI 2 & 3 (The Basics of Body Mechanics)

Duration: 2 Months

USD $1,000

ANI 4, 5 & 6 (Advanced Body Mechanics)

Duration: 3 Months

USD $1,500

Action Portfolio Class

Duration: 2 Months

USD $1,000

Acting Portfolio Class

Duration: 2 Months

USD $1,000


Duration: 1 Month

USD $190


Duration: 1 Month

USD $390

Total Package (with Total Package discount -  $500 discount)

Duration: 10 Months

USD $4,500

Refund policies
  • A full refund of the payment amount is available before the start of the course (we will deduct PayPal service fee about 3% from your total payment and refund the balance amount to your respective account)

  • After the start of the class, you will be refunded after deducting the normal price of the learning fee to the amount of the payment.

  • In case of the total package refund the refund will be deducted based on the normal sales price, not the payment amount.

  • For Tutorial and Light Program please contact us Ani-Tribe News

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