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Our 99% job security success rate for all our graduates is what makes us different

ANI-TRIBE Career Support

 About our Career support 

The secret to our 99% job security success rate


1. Working, learning and teaching experience in four different countries


Founder and teacher David Jang has actual onsite experience studying and working in some of the best schools and studios around the world


Ani-Tribe's teaching system is based on all of the experiences mentioned above


Student portfolio quality and hands on student care is our main priority


2. Solid quality demoreels


We make sure, from our foundations classes to our portfolio classes, equals quality. This is important because it means that not just the most talented students, but students on average, have a high success rate in landing quality jobs.

Our mission is to graduate students that can work right away on quality projects anywhere in the world in a professional manner both in skills and communication, which is why most of our students land jobs fairly quickly after they finish their demoreels.

비즈니스 미팅

3. REAL 1:1 Student Care

that lands you solid jobs


From demoreel, resume and cover letter checkups to mock job interview sessions and real time open job position information, we take student care to a whole new level.


Quality education + quality student care = quality demoreels + quality jobs



This is our mission statement, and our track record proves it. If you want to successfully change your career path, learn from Ani-Tribe.

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