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 About our Community 

We focus on creating
a community that genuinely helps our students

Through connecting our students, our graduates, and our teachers

in an organic fashion, we try to promote a positive and productive online community atmosphere


1. Study Group System

Through organizing study groups for

over 1,000 students for over 7 years


We provide students with specific guidelines to help them

practice communication skills as a 3D animator in order to

thrive when they work in studios and attend dailies


3. Offline Events, Hangouts

We organize offline meetups to encourage social

connections, build communication skills, and share

information with working professionals in that region.

BBQs, picnics, studio tours, and other events are coordinated

to give students an offline or onsite educational experience.

공동 작업

2. Online Campus

Students have access to all the students work and

feedback from all classes, past and present

24/7, 365 days a year


Students can freely give and receive unlimited feedback from their peers or teachers, and chat and exchange information

온라인 수업

4. Discord Work Sessions

Providing students with an environment where they 

don't feel alone is very important to us. That's why,

we provide an online space  where you can

freely study and work together.


We host Discord sessions lead by a teacher every week

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