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 A bespoke curriculum made just for 3D animation


Why is our curriculum different?

Ani-Tribe's curriculum was custom-made after the founder learned from multiple 3D animation schools worldwide, worked onsite for various studios in four different countries, and taught over 1000 students from universities, academies, and tutoring. Successfully guiding hundreds of students to land jobs locally and globally.

That's over 17 years of experience learning, working, and teaching in the field of 3D animation melted into one curriculum!

It might be easy to copy, but it's hard to actually operate with consistent quality.

  Ani-Tribe founder David Jang's educational experience  

📌[USA] Academy of Art University - Animation and Visual Effects BFA

📌 [France] Gobelins l'école de l'image - 3D Character Animation certificate

📌 [Online] Animation Mentor - Advanced Studies in Character Animation

Our education system is a hydrid content of all the schools mentioned above


Make sure the curriculum was made by someonewho has
both an educational background and working experience

And whether or not, they're actually teaching it themselves!

If the person teaching doesn't understand the curriculum inside and out, then the student's portfolio suffers.


Therefore, you should be careful about teachers who have some working experience but were handed the curriculum without much teaching experience or relevant educational background. Because teaching well and animating well are two completely different skills.

Here at Ani-Tribe, we make sure to employ animators with both working and teaching skills who understand the curriculum completely and have a proven track record of bringing students work up to par with that of the professionals.

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